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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Book Published on Study Skills

Update: Anyone Can Get An A+ Companion Workbook just hit #1 on a Hot New Releases list! Check it out here.

I wrote the study skills book in 2015 to not only put down all my thoughts on studying, but to share with students who are struggling with school that there is another way, that they can actually do well in school and improve their grades simply by changing how they study. 

However, I realized that there was a lot of new information to assimilate, because in essence I was suggesting that students completely change how they were approaching their studies. It was entirely possible that someone would read the book, think it had a lot of good points, and then go right back to their old study habits. 

So I created a workbook - for students to work through each lesson and tip, step-by-step customizing the advice to suit their own needs. The workbook helps you to be clear about your study goals, pinpoint exactly what you want to achieve, and then go through the book, doing exercises that help you understand how to apply the advice in the book. Instead of simply reading the text, you get a chance to understand it, engage with it and begin to implement the knowledge right away.

The workbook is available as an ebook version, with a paperback version to follow soon: 

This is a companion workbook, so you can definitely benefit from it even if you have read Anyone Can Get An A+. I did however, design the book to be self-contained, so even if you haven't read that one, you will be able to gain from going through the book and completing the exercises. I also think it will be useful for parents and teachers as well as adults returning to education after a gap, either part-time or full-time, and those preparing for standardized tests. 

Get a copy for yourself or the student in your life today!

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