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I love to read, as any one who wants to be a writer or is one should. I also love to bore people around me by telling them excitedly about the latest book I have discovered and how it can change their life. I think by now I have exhausted all the attention my friends and family have to learning about new books, so I am hoping that you, who have somehow stumbled on my blog (welcome by the way!) will be interested in my rambling about books. 

Well I will try not to ramble. I hope to give you an idea of what the book is about, and whether it will be worth your time reading it (I certainly hope so, otherwise I wouldn’t feature it on my blog). I usually try to give some key takeaways, so that even if you can’t read the book right away, you can learn something useful just from reading my review. 

And on that note - it really isn’t fair to call them book reviews, although that’s what I did and so I am sticking with it. My initial reviews did have a rating, but at some point I abandoned that, because to be fair, I only write about books that I love, so assume that it I would give it between 3.5 to 5 stars. Anyway, as I was saying, these aren’t really book reviews, more like summaries, notes or even condensed wisdom - the best of the book, or at least from the perspective of what I was thinking at the time I read it or wrote the review. 

I have a wide range of interests, and read far more than the type of book that I write about here, but in order to stick with the theme of the blog, I will usually write about books that are generally in the creativity, productivity, personal development space. Occasionally I might throw in a book that draws on scientific research, or is written for business professionals and entrepreneurs  — but I will try to highlight the relevant aspects for creatives.

I usually have pages of notes on books I am really interested in, so feel free to write to me ( to discuss a book in more detail, comment on the blog or come find me on Goodreads

Update: I am not currently taking requests for book reviews - simply because I cannot guarantee a timeline for the review and don't appreciate multiple emails hounding me to finish the book. 

Here’s a handy list of books that I have reviewed on this blog:

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