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I grew up in India, spending my early years in Kolkata, and then attending high school in New Delhi. I attended the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, to read law as an undergraduate, and went on to get a Masters' in Public Administration from Cornell University, US. I research and write on issues of international law, transitional justice and business and human rights.

My first book, "Seamus Heaney: Select Poems", is in its 6th edition currently, published by Rama Bros. India. I have written five other books, with my latest on study skills - Anyone Can Get An A+: How To Beat Procrastination, Reduce Stress and Improve Your Grades. In my spare time, I love to read as many books as possible, write on this blog, and catch up on endless episodes of whatever latest TV shows I am obsessed about.

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San Diego Virtual School - Strategies For Focusing On Your School

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I also have some complimentary copies of my books available for bloggers and reviewers, so you can email me for those as well.

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