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Author Interviews

I love to read interviews with authors and learn about their writing process, how they get inspired, what they do to get the word out about their books, and generally how they work creatively.

This is why I started a new series on my blog, with interviews with authors, both traditionally- and self-published. You can find the latest interview posted most Wednesdays on the blog, and an updated chronological list of all the interviews here.

March 2016

Scott Thompson, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Nik Krasno, Russia
Travis Bughi, California, USA
Brenda Mohammed, Trinidad
Theresa Van Spankeren, Chicago, USA

April 2016

Jennifer R. Povey, Northern Virginia, USA
Jane Blythe, Australia
Zee Monodee, Mauritius
Justin Bienvenue, Massachusetts, USA

May 2016

Gabriella Francis, Miami, USA
Jason Vikse, Canada
Julie Anderson, England
Jackie Leduc, Massachusetts, USA

June 2016

J.S. Strange, Wales, UK
Stacie Eirich, New Orleans, USA
Coreena McBurnie, Canada
Lyra Shanti, Florida, USA
Jody Rawley, Richmond, USA

July 2016

Owen Banner, Thailand
Intisar Khanani, USA
Mohana Rajakumar, Qatar
Susie Kearley, UK

August 2016

Scarlett Van Dijk, Australia
Renee Marski
Dane Cobain, UK
Roxanne Bland, Maryland, USA
Ulff Lehmann, Germany

September 2016
Joseph Ferguson
Charlotte Young, Australia
C.M. Halstead
Devorah Fox, Texas, USA

October 2016 
T A Hernandez
Magnus Stanke, Spain
Shari Sakurai, UK
Terrance Coffey, Georgia, USA

November 2016 
Thomai Dion
R K Gold, New York, USA
Ryan Troske
Jesse Teller
Mat Blackwell

December 2016 
Jordan Phillips, New York, USA
Anthony Hains, Wisconsin, USA
Eliza Green, Ireland

March 2017
Carolyn Arnold, USA
Brent Jones, Canada

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