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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How I Write: Authors on Their Writing Process - Gabriella Francis

Today's interview is with a young author, Gabriella Francis, who writes YA books. 

Welcome to Creativity@Work Gabriella, it's a real pleasure to interview you!

1.   Where do you feel most inspired to write?
Anywhere! Usually when I have the opportunity to spend time in wide open spaces, I bring my notebook or laptop with me and write. Luckily my school allows us to bring laptops, so most of my free time goes into writing.

2.   Describe your desk / writing corner / favorite writing spot.
My desk is anything BUT organized! But among the plethora of homework, files and art, my laptop screen always has a writing project open. It keeps me motivated to get through the wave of homework!

3.   Do you listen to music while you write? What kind of music?
Depends on the book I write, or the scene. If it’s Romance, then I’ll listen to some Avril Lavigne or Evanescence. If it’s High Fantasy, I’ll listen to Adrian Von Ziegler. I keep the volume low so it doesn’t distract me too much. I also try not to listen to any new songs while I’m writing, since the lyrics can throw me off and distract me.

4.   Do you ever get writers' block? What are some ways you get around it?
Always during testing days. The trick is to not force yourself to write. Just take a step back, breathe, and relax. Sitting inside a confined space can put more stress on the mind, so open a window and let some air rush in! Take a walk outside if you’d like, and become more aware of your surroundings.

5.   Do you now, or did you ever have any day jobs? Did they add to or detract from your writing?
Nope! I spend my 7-8 hours a day in school. While that does give me much less time at home to focus on my books, I make the best of what I can in my free time at school. I get my work done early so I get a chance to write at least a few pages.

6.   How do you make the time to write?
There came a point where I couldn’t watch TV at all for a few years, but I slowly got used to it, and I don’t watch TV at all. Even though the family watches TV now, I use that time to write. I also keep a balanced schedule of days that are spent writing, and days spent with friends so the isolation won’t cave in.

7.   How much research do you do? What kind?

A lot. Currently, I’m writing an Egyptian novel that heavily involves the Gods and mythology, so I’d have to download different maps of Egypt, sketch out the cities in between chapters, memorize each of the Gods’ names, and their temple locations. Food, transportation, and fashion are also extremely important, and there isn’t much left for the modern day to discover of how life was in the ancient times. It can sometimes be a good thing though, since it allows your imagination to run wild.


Gabriella Francis has been writing stories ever since she could pick up a pencil. She wrote her first novel when she was 12, and became published when she was 15. She self-published two books: Crestfallen – Solitude, and Crestfallen – Seraphim. She is currently working with a traditional publishing press to write her third book Starlight, a novel set in ancient Egypt. She lives in Florida, and will study Concept Art in college in San Francisco.

Crestfallen Series

Destiny Aubrey has always been a curious girl. But this time, curiosity takes a wrong turn in her life, setting her on the path of danger, jeopardy, and dark romance. After finding a Dark Angel shot down by government fighter-jets, Destiny begins to feel a strange tugging at her heart for Jared and before she could even decipher what is happening, they are falling for each other.

But it’s not that easy. With unexpected enemies driving them away from home, Destiny and Jared fight the agonizing conflicts to be together. But, little do they know that a dangerously powerful force is watching them from the shadows.

Crestfallen - Solitude

Crestfallen - Seraphim

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