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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Productivity Articles from the Archives

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I was going through some old emails that I had sent to myself with articles that I wanted to save and come back to again, and decided that some of them were so good I had to share them with my readers. I hope they inspire you to tackle some long-pending projects of your own.

1.       Woody Allen and the Art of Value ProductivityThis article from Study Hacks makes a point that really spoke to me – "be bold in conception, but pragmatic in execution". Woody Allen is so prolific because while he tries to do something new and different with each movie, he doesn’t let the reality of the final product stop him from completing it. So often we realize that the idea in our head doesn’t match the product in our hands, and we abandon it, waiting for a better time when it will 'magically' be better. There isn’t such a time, so get on with it.

     2.       How to Execute a Successful Side Project -  This article by Scott Young walks you through conceiving and following through successfully with a side project. Many of us think to ourselves, I would love to make…, or learn…, but the realities of juggling work and life push our projects aside. Scott gives tips to help you design a realistic side project and actually pull it off.

     3.       How to Trick Yourself into Doing Tasks You DreadThis article from the Harvard Business Review blog lists some ways to tackle those pesky tasks that you absolutely hate even thinking about, but need to get through anyway. The article lists the different types of unpleasant tasks that we avoid, and strategies to deal with each one.

So if you are putting off something unpleasant like cleaning out the garage, or keep procrastinating on creating that website you have been talking about, the articles above can give you helpful inspiration to get started. Don’t forget to stop reading and start taking action at some point though!

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