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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Top 5 Apps of 2014

Its that time of year again – when you look back over the past 12 months and reflect on the time gone by, what you accomplished, what was good and bad. Since I write about productivity and creativity here, its appropriate to round out the year with a list of the top apps that helped me, in some way, to achieve those goals.

1. Evernote – Readers of this blog know about my love affair with Evernote. Its my favourite app, one I use everyday to keep track of important notes, reminders and lists in one place. New ways I started using Evernote this year – reminders (for appointments, renewals or cancellations of services), keeping all the details for each book in one place for marketing campaigns and saving screenshots.

2. Scribd  - I have been using the Scribd app a lot lately – mostly on my iPhone but also my iPad. I received a complimentary subscription as a Scribd author earlier this year, and have over time increasingly found the service very useful. I mean to do a longer post about it – but for now, I love this app because I am able to make really good use of the little bits of time that otherwise get lost. Essentially I read multiple books at a time on this app, and it does a great job of remembering where I stopped (and syncs between devices seamlessly). They have recently added audiobooks to their library as well.

3. NovelRank – this app is mainly for ebook authors selling their books on Amazon. The app helps you track the sales of your books on major Amazon platforms. I use this app at least once a day to monitor my sales – and its quite accurate. I probably don’t need to monitor my sales that regularly – but its a neurosis thing – and it helps to keep me motivated to work harder at promotions or new writing.

4. ATracker – this app made last year’s list – and its still one of my favourites. I use it to track the amount of time I dedicate to various categories of activities, and use it to motivate myself to put in more time on things I tend to neglect, or just to keep tabs on how much I am getting done. I use the pro version, which gives me unlimited tasks, and the ability to personalise my display in terms of colours and icons.

5. Feedly – choosing the 5th app was a bit difficult – but this RSS reader made the list because its also another one I use everyday. They have made it much easier to share articles with friends or on social media, or to save to other apps such as Pocket and Evernote.

Honourable Mention: IFTTT

This app gets an honourable mention, although really it should be somewhere on the list. Its my most useful app because I never use it! – by which I mean it does everything it needs to in the background. IFTTT basically is a great app to automate many tasks that need communicating between apps or devices. I use it to save certain favourite Lifehacker articles, or save my Fitbit data to a spreadsheet. I probably don’t use it as much as I could – and am always on the lookout for great IFTTT recipes. Leave a favourite recipe in the comments and I will be sure to check it. out!

These are my top apps – and many didn’t make the list but are just as useful. What apps did you find most useful in the past year? Leave your replies in the comments below.

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