Geetanjali Mukherjee

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Appreciating Process

As I keep trying to remind myself, being a creative professional (and you can call yourself that even if you don't earn any money from your work (yet), but take your chosen field seriously), is all about process.

It's easy to forget that when you read articles about yet another author whose books are on the NY Times best-selling lists, or when you fall in love with a designer's work, or love an app that changes your life - you start to ask yourself - what's the point. I am nowhere as good. I may as well give up now.

This happens to me pretty often, and lately at those moments, I try to remember that no one became that good overnight. Likely they worked hard, going back to the drawing board when things seemed to stall or fall apart, refusing to give up or compare themselves to others doing much better. I tell myself that the only difference between them and me is shipping.

But this can be difficult to remember. Amid all the FB updates about weddings, and fabulous holidays, and book launches, its hard to remember that everyone else also has to write one sentence at a time, start from scratch and take an idea through to completion. Which is why I love the new social media tool Somewhere, which basically allows its members to post pictures and make comments about their work process - giving us a rare glimpse into the mundane day to day steps that add up to brilliant work at the end of a, sometimes long and scary, tunnel of hard work and perseverance.

I recently signed up at Somewhere, you can check out my page here:
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