Geetanjali Mukherjee

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Find A Fun Way To Keep Your Resolutions

As January is nearing, the fervor towards keeping New Year’s resolutions will also be dropping. Gym memberships lie unused, the language tapes aren’t removed from their case, and the pedometer is left at home.

This year I didn’t so much make resolutions as decide that I would do more of certain things, and track them. Like walk more, or write more blog posts. Or complete that project that I have been working on for far too long.
One of the things that I wanted to do was start drinking green tea. The benefits of green tea have been extolled by everyone, and my mom kept at me about why I should start my day with warm water. Besides, I have a huge stock of green tea and herbal teas at home, completely untouched. I had planned to start drinking it, but on the rare occasion I had tried it, I hated it. So I never really got into it.

Until recently. My mom gave me a beautiful teapot and Chinese tea cups for Christmas. I decided to try them out while she was visiting, and fell in love with the ritual of making tea and drinking it while I write. It takes the same amount of time as making a cup of coffee (instant, I don’t like brewed coffee), and it’s so much better for me - no sugar, no harsh effects from too much caffeine. I haven’t replaced my coffee and black tea habit entirely, but I have cut it down considerably.

I believe that the main reason I was able to begin to enjoy green tea is because I love taking out my teapot and cup and setting it up where I'm working. It brings beauty and a bit of drama to the act of drinking the tea, and actually makes the tea taste better to me.
So if you are seeing yourself slacking off from your New Year’s resolutions, try this tip - find a way to make them more enjoyable, fun, or just bring some beauty to them. Maybe buy yourself new gym clothes that you like, to make going to the gym a bit easier. Treat yourself to a hazelnut latte while listening to your language lessons on your iPod. Light a favourite candle while sneaking in some writing after dinner. Whatever the trick, it must be something you look forward to enough to ensure progress on your resolutions.
Feel free to leave comments on what tricks work for you.
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