Geetanjali Mukherjee

Monday, August 6, 2012

Why do winners win big?

Watching some of the Olympic swimming the last few days I asked myself, why is it that in situations where you would expect the difference between the first and others might only be a few inches, often the winner outpaces the rest? This has been true for a few of the events in the Olympics, but its all the more true in life.

I was reading in Seth Godin's insightful book, The Dip, that although the top flavors of ice-cream sell far more than the other flavors, vanilla, the best-selling flavor, sells almost double that of the second-best. There are probably many more examples of this, but it actually really surprised me.

To rise above the rest and get to the top creamy layer requires a lot of effort and hard work. Then what additionally separates the one right at the top from the others? What did the gold medalist do differently from the silver and bronze medalists? Is it a question of superior talent? I learnt from The Talent Code that is not the case. Is it a different attitude? Whatever it is, there has to be a significant difference from the best and the rest, and I am wondering what that is. 

Let me know if you figure it out...
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