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Friday, December 22, 2017

New Book Out and General Update

I have been absent from the blog for a while, and that is because, as we sometimes know, life intervenes. 

The short version is that I moved back to India for a while, with a new job, and basically it took me time to adjust to being back in the city I used to call home, but which seems to have changed a lot. I joined a new industry as well, and was basically just to busy getting the hang of things to have the headspace for much else. And I was struggling with being ill almost the whole time, so there is that.

I didn’t however, stop reading, and have read and am reading some great books, that I hope to write about soon. I also finished the book I have been writing since last year or maybe even earlier than that (gosh!), and it is finally out and available to buy on Amazon

This book has been a huge challenge. I remember hearing a quote from Neil Gaiman, or it could be that he was quoting someone else, which basically said you learn to write the book you’re writing once it is done. And that’s basically been my experience. I have jumped from one genre to the other and one type of book to the other, and basically struggled through till I figured it out. But this book specifically was the toughest one till date, simply because I was trying to write in a style that doesn’t exactly come naturally to me, and I was working with material that was challenging as well. 

On the face of it, a book about my experiences in college sounds simple to write, but I struggled with it because I wanted to write humorous, Marian Keyes-style essays, and needlessly to say, that was easier said than done. I am not sure the resultant effort is anything like Keyes’ writing (whom I admire very much), but it is definitely a departure in style for me. While I am not sure I can or want to write in this style again, I feel that my writing has improved as a result of this book. 

I am also proud of myself for finishing the book despite the challenges of my new job and adjusting to this new environment. It isn’t easy to juggle work and family and personal time and writing, and while I have given advice regarding this subject before, I didn’t ever have quite such tight time deadlines to face. I have a new-found respect for those who manage to do this on a regular basis and still put books out.

This is why I have also decided to set a new challenge for myself for next year. I love to follow the blogs of authors who publicly post challenges and record their progress; however, I never had the courage to do this myself. I still don’t, but I am willing to try. And perhaps I will do what Dean Wesley Smith keeps saying, I will fail to success. I’ll share more details in another post, but for now, I am excited and nervous.

You can check out my new book at the link below; it is available at the new release price till just after Christmas. It might make a good  gift for the college students and college-bound in your gift list. 

"I learnt in my second semester that college life can be thrilling, but you might want to pack a shield."
With plenty of self-deprecating remarks and tongue firmly in cheek, Geetanjali writes about her days as an international student at a leading university in England. Although covering the usual topics of academics and crushes and part-time jobs, this isn't your usual "handbook of student life". Geetanjali takes you along on an adventure as she samples her way across a non-traditional college experience, from joining a Rock Gospel choir to singing in a Portuguese band to fending off sword-attacks in the middle of the night. Whether you are a student embarking on your own college adventure, or simply looking to revisit your university antics, you will enjoy this unique collection of essays. 

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