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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How I Write: Authors on Their Writing Process - Jackie Leduc

Today's author interview is with another young writer Jackie Leduc, who writes fantasy fiction.

1.           When did you first start writing?
I started writing when I was six years old. I started my first novel when I was twelve.

2.           What are your books about? Are you self / traditionally published or hybrid?
Both of my stories are fantasy/fiction. It follows the lives of supernatural beings called wicked eyes and their fight against an evil entity called the Deathmaster. My first book The Demonic Eyes raises awareness for bullying and suicide. Both of my titles The Demonic Eyes and Bloody Nightmares are independently published by Page Publishing.

3.         What led to your love for literature? Any favorite books / teachers / writing mentors?
When I was three years old my mother took me to the library every week. I grew up without television for a long time. Therefore I spent most of my time playing and reading books. I fell so in love with books that by the time I turned six I said I wanted to become an author.

4.           What's your writing process like? Do you outline? Do you write by hand / type / dictate?
I write half by hand half by computer. When I am in a public place and come up with ideas I quickly write them down. At home I usually write on my computer. I kind of outline as I write the story. I usually have ideas of where I want this event in a story but I don't think that you should keep a strict outline. If you are not surprised as the author by what happens when you write a story then your readers won't be either.

5.           What's your editing process?
For my editing process I take off six-eight weeks of writing to focus more on marketing and reading. When you take the time off your brain rewires to think like the reader and less like the writer. When you are writing a story for a long of period of time everything you write sounds good to you because you are so used to it. Take the time off and trust me you will see a huge difference in editing your manuscript. First I edit events, if I want them in, change them, or take them out. Then I edit sentence structure and word choice. Finally I edit the grammatical and spelling errors.

6.           Any favorite apps / software / technology for writing?
For writing I use Microsoft Word and Pages.

7.           Any favorite apps / software / websites for marketing and promotion?
For marketing I use Canva and Pages to make advertisements. It's important to have social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I feel Twitter gives me the best response. I also love GoodReads because there are many amazing people willing to interview independent authors. I am going to try BookTweeter for the first time this week.

8.           What did you find most / least useful in learning to write?
For writing I think a large portion of knowing how to write comes from reading. You get to analyze the text. What do I like about this writer's writing style? What don't I like? It is important to read books in the genre you write. You should also read books on the craft. I would suggest "On Writing" by Stephen King.

9.           Who or what inspires you? Where / how do you get your book ideas?
I get my book ideas solely from my imagination.

10.       When in the day do you usually write? For how long?
I feel more creative during the morning or at night when I am about to fall asleep. For the second scenario I keep a pad and pen by my bed.

11.       Do you have a writing routine / schedule? Any specific rituals?
I really don't have a routine. I just write every day and I always have a cup of coffee.

12.      Where do you feel most inspired to write?
I usually get most of my ideas when taking a walk. Going to a quiet place is a good place to write.

13.       Describe your desk / writing corner / favorite writing spot.
I don't really have a 'writing spot'. I usually sit in my living room or kitchen. I can write pretty much wherever.

14.      Do you listen to music while you write? What kind of music?
Yes! I usually cannot write without music. Music fuels my imagination. I usually listen to Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. My favorite band would be Metallica.

15.      Do you ever get writers' block? What are some ways you get around it?
When I get writer's block I focus on different forms of art such as reading, music or watching movies in the genre. Sometimes focusing on different forms of art gets my imagination flowing.

16.      What do you do when not writing (job / school)? 
I currently go to high school. When I'm bored with the teacher's lesson I write in my notebook. Writing is my number one priority.

17.      How do you make the time to write?
Many people ask me this question because I'm either in school or having an event such as comic conventions where I sell my books and then there is marketing. My response is: basically don't have a social life.

18.      How much research do you do? What kind?
I don't usually conduct research since my books are fiction, but for my most recent book it is set in a haunted real-life setting. Therefore I had to research the historical past of this place.

19.      How much marketing do you do? Which platforms are you most active on? 
I am marketing 24/7 when I am not writing or at school. My thought is that every hour you spend writing you should spend two marketing. Yet you do not want to bombard your social media with just advertising because people become disinterested. Explore different sites and methods. It is important to get interviews on television, radio, and blogs. Those will be your most successful. If you do not like talking to others you will not be successful.

20.      What's the most fun aspect of marketing? The most challenging?
I enjoy making marketing material because then I look at it and say "Wow did I make that?" I also enjoy interviews the most out of all marketing. I think when it comes to social media marketing it is the hardest because everyone is just resulted to 'likes'. People aren't really looking for products they are just looking for who can follow me. So it is important to show your personality so it gets people to follow you. When they follow you and see your advertisements more they get interested. It is also very challenging when there are so many other authors. The book market is huge so it is most important to show your personality and talk to the people who follow you. Also support other authors!

21.      What project are you working on now?
Right now I am working on getting my children's book, Freckle Stars, published. I am also writing the third book in my series.

22.      What books do you like to read? What are you reading now?

I like to read fantasy, horror, and young adult books. I also love thrillers. For me a book has to be unpredictable. In this day and age when there are so many books out there sometimes that is hard to accomplish. Right now I am reading Ratarra by M W Schwartz. 


Aside from writing, Jackie Leduc, a sixteen year old author, spends her time, volunteering in her community, marketing on the internet, reading, attending school, and conversing with fellow readers at comic conventions. She has a tight schedule but always finds room to envelope herself into the imaginary world now brought to your hands. She lives in a small town in Massachusetts with her mom, two cats, and two dogs. Aside from writing she plans on having a career in marketing. 


Bloody Nightmares

When Blade Forges, a young man of eighteen, becomes aware of his prophecy. The Deathmaster, a evil entity from his childhood nightmares, comes to life with the intention of destroying the world around him. It is Blade's journey to solve clues and fight the memories of his childhood which only brings him down. He receives i from the military and the Maxxes, a family of criminals. The only way to defeat the evil entity is to collect the three Xayvourouses (magical daggers) and to discover the source(s) of his weakness. The only problem is that he doesn't know where to begin. As Blade becomes lost in his deteriorating world and inner mind, you, the Reader, might as well get trapped too.

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